Amateur Youth Kabaddi Federation India

Amateur youth kabaddi federation India is the official kabaddi sports organization of the amateur youth kabaddi federation India. Its role is to promote in junior, sub junior, senior kabaddi players boys and girls, throughout the India.

Amateur Youth Kabaddi Federation India. Developer Technical Kabaddi knowledge and kabaddi activities for all district, state and nationals and international kabaddi sports persons.

We develop and dencourage the traditional kabaddi activities especially on rural and urban area. Our certification has the recognisation on sports quota for state and central government education institutions. Every month we conduct awareness program kabaddi sports championship on the as, urban and rural area level district, state and national and international level. Our federation take care on kabaddi sports person on skill developing who belong to urban and rural palace.

Amateur youth kabaddi federation india registration in government of india approved by the World Amateur Kabaddi Federation ( WAKF ). Recognization by ministry of corporate affairs - Government of India.